Saturday, 10 September 2016

Foxes in the forest: Disney Prints Review!

A couple of weeks ago, during my usual night time scroll through twitter, I came across a beautiful twitter page full of Disney inspired prints. As a self confessed Disney fanatic, I loved them automatically so jumped at the chance to have a couple of my very own! After speaking with the lovely Rachel, I was so excited to receive my mystery package in the post a couple of weeks later and to see which two prints I would be receiving.

I was over the moon to find that without even mentioning it, Rachel had sent me two of my favourite Disney princesses! Rapunzel and Jasmine. I can't get over how beautiful these prints are! They look so delicate and magical. I love the watercolour effect that they have too. I have never seen anything quite like them before so they would definitely be a unique gift for anybody who loves Disney! (Plus how cute would it be to purchase one and also buy the matching Tsum Tsum!)

The prints I was sent are on a glossy 8X6, which makes them the perfect size to fit inside any frame. They have also been printed on high quality paper, so you can tell that care has been put into them. I found a couple of sparkly silver frames which I felt matched my little princess prints perfectly!

(How pretty do these prints look in their little frames on my fireplace?)
If you want to purchase your own Disney prints then make sure you check out Rachel's Etsy page! ( Be warned though, you will become obsessed with all of the different designs available! Another one of my favourites that she has done is Princess Belle! And I know someone who will be getting that for Christmas!

Make sure you also check out Rachel's Instagram and Twitter, where she posts images of all her work!

Let me know what you think of the prints, and where I should put them!

*The prints in this post were sent to me to review. All opinions and photography are my own.


  1. Ummmmm! Francesca what have you done!? This is not good... I have a feeling I'm going to go on a spending spree! Those are absolutely beautiful!! I'm obsessed! I love the frames that you put them in and even setting on your fire place is such a nice touch! Love it! Great post :)


    1. Haha! I thought I was in trouble for a second then haha! They are so pretty aren't they! I am obsessed! I think they look perfect on my fire place too!

      Thanks for commenting!
      Francesca xx

  2. Aw these are so pretty! x
    Morgan |

    1. I agree! they are so cute. They make the most perfect gift!


  3. Aw these are so pretty! x
    Morgan |


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