Sunday, 20 August 2017

Beauty : Glossybox August 2017

I don't want to make any big claims, but this months Glossybox may just be the best box I have ever received and it was free! Well, when I say free I mean I claimed all of the points from reviewing the products on the website each month. The theme of August's box was all things sun, and included products that cooled you down (hair mask) and heated things up (a totally gorg bronzer!). The box design this month was another one of the collector editions which always make things a little bit more exciting. Usually you would see me saying at this part how much I love the classic pink box, however in this case I LOVE it. So lets take a look inside...

Essence Live. Laugh. Love. palette and shadows - RRP £1.50 per palette and £1.50 per shadow
The first thing I spotted when I opened this month's box was the fun packaging on these products. The concept of creating your own palette and putting it together is nothing new, however the way these are presented makes it all so exciting. I love the shades that were included in my box as well, although I'm not sure if everybody gets the same colours. As well as the fun palette, I received the eyeshadow shades 'It's my birthday' and 'T.G.I.F', the highlighter shade 'My special highlight' and the blush shade 'Rhythm of the night'. The shadows simply pop into the palette and you're good to go. Also, can we talk about how cheap they are to buy? I am seriously hoping they are amazing to use and we may have a contender for my MAC dream palette! 

Model Launcher Safari Sun Bronzer - RRP £16.50
The next product in the box is this gorgeous bronzer compact by a brand called Model Launcher. Admittedly I hadn't heard of the brand before receiving this, however I am really interested in seeing whether all of their products have the same 'fun' look to them. Like normal bronzers, the idea is to swirl all of the colours together with a brush then to dust over the places where the sun would naturally hit your face. I am excited to give this a try too! 

Valquer ICE Hair Mask Total Repair - RRP £14.99
After being on holiday for two weeks, in and out of the pool, my hair needed a little bit of tlc. This product couldn't have come at a better time. The idea behind this product is to apply it to damp hair where it has a cooling effect that tames and hydrates your locks. You are supposed to leave it to absorb for 3-4 minutes before rinsing away. I have already given the product a try and am loving the results so far. I didn't notice as much of a cooling effect as the notes suggested, but I have noticed a visible difference with how it feels afterwards. I'm looking forward to seeing what the results will be after a longer period of time. 

Batiste Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner - RRP £4.49
Batiste Dry Shampoo has always been one of the biggest go-to hair products in my 'lazy day' hair routine. Over the last couple of months Glossybox has been making sure I am well stocked with some of the newer Batiste products, which I am more than happy to receive. 

Rodial Suede Lips 'Big Apple' - RRP £22
I am always happy to see a lip product, especially when it's in a shade that I would totally buy myself. This shade is something that I can see myself wearing every day and the fact that its in a suede finish makes it that much better. The notes say to line the lips with the point of the pencil, then to apply it fully all over. Alternatively you can apply as normal then tap out to smudge it a little for a softer finish. 

As a little extra, this months box also included this cute little Aloha hair tie. I love using these when braiding my hair, plus they look super cute too! 

Overall, I am so pleased with everything in this month's box. A couple of months ago I was thinking of cancelling Glossybox completely but am so glad that I didn't. All of the products I have received this month are items that I know I would genuinely look at and potentially would have bought. 

Are you subscribed to Glossybox? If you are what did you think of this month's box, did you receive any of the similar products to me? Let me know! 

Until next time, 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Lifestyle: Seamore Pasta Review*

I love pasta. There, I said it! So you can imagine my surprise when a little email landed in my inbox asking if I wanted to try Seamore Pasta. The product is exactly what it say's it is. It's a seaweed based pasta alternative that can be eaten on its own, or combined with ordinary pasta to create a delicious dish. Seafood is a big hit in my household, so I was really intrigued as to how it was going to taste. 

When I received the pasta I wasn't sure how to cook it or what to combine it with. After flipping through the handy booklet showing the various ways it can be used, one of the dishes combines it with chocolate!, I settled on purely cooking the seaweed pasta as it was. As soon as I opened the pack I was greeted with a very strong aroma of the seaweed. The seaweed is organic and unprocessed so if you don't like a strong scent of the beach then this is certainly not the food for you. Once you get over the smell, or hold your nose, you can cook the tagliatelle like you would normal pasta. 

After boiling the water, adding the seaweed and then draining, the seaweed pasta is ready to eat. I will admit, I wasn't brave enough to have the first bite of the pasta and left that job to my dad to do for me! It's fair to say that the pasta on it's own isn't for everyone. (Seamore themselves mention in the booklet to try it combined with other food to get rid of the strong seaweed taste). 

Overall I am really impressed with what the pasta tastes like and I love the whole concept of the product. I personally can't find myself reaching for this as an alternative to normal pasta, however I completely understand why people would as it makes dishes that little bit more interesting. The great thing about the portion size in the bag is that there is enough to save for other dishes. Hopefully next time I can cook it with some mince and make a proper meal of it! 

Let me know what you think about the idea of Seaweed pasta. Have you tried any of the other pasta alternatives? 

Until next time,

*The products mentioned in this post were sent to me to try and review. As always all images are my own and my opinions are 100% honest.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lifestyle : Holiday Favourites!

It feels like months since I last sat down and wrote a post, when in reality it has only been a couple of weeks! I have just got back from the most amazing two weeks in sunny Cyprus with my family. We had such an incredible time, and a lot of it was spent chilling or swimming- two of my favorite things to do! Stupidly I thought that whilst away I would have easy access to WIFI so didn’t schedule/write any posts to go live. The little blogging break has done me a world of good though, and I am excited to finally get back into it!

Today’s post is a little round up of all the products that I have been loving over the last two weeks when on holiday. I packed so many makeup products that I thought was something I would need, when in reality, thanks to the heat, I reached for the same ones every night!

Firstly I need to begin with my new favourite perfume/body spray. I got this a couple of months ago in a Glossybox and used it once or twice before setting it aside when reaching for my normal one. This L’eau De Rose smells exactly as you would imagine it to. Floral scents aren’t usually what I go for but this just smells fresh and light which is perfect for a summer holiday. A few little spritz of this before going out in the evening and you’re good to go. The next product is a lipstick that I have probably mentioned a hundred times already on this blog. I am of course talking of my classic ‘Super Cindy’ Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. This is my classic everyday go to shade. As you can tell, I need to get a new one as soon as possible! This lipstick applies beautifully to the lips giving a long lasting and comfortable finish. I threw this Miley Cyrus MAC lipglass into my makeup bag in a last minute panic when packing for my trip and thought I wouldn’t actually wear it as much as I have. When at home I steer well clear of lipgloss often preferring something with more of a matte finish. However, on holiday nothing beats a little bit of gloss on the lips to protect them from the sun. Plus with my go to ponytail holiday hair do I don’t have to worry about getting lipgloss in my hair!

When researching the climate for Cyprus I knew it was going to be warm, I didn’t however realize it would be as hot as it was. Most of the days were above 30, so you can be assured there was a lot of ‘shine’ going on! To combat this I turned to my Collection Loose Powder to mattify the skin a little in the evenings. I have been using this powder a lot recently and am so impressed with how good it is for the minimal price. I have also been applying it with my Real Techniques sponge which is equally as brilliant. My next favourite is kind of a sneaky one in the sense I actually purchased this whilst being here. Although we can now get NYX in the UK, I never seem to have visited a store/stand in person. Emma (my brothers girlfriend) and I went into the NYX store and we both agreed that this highlighter in shade Narcissistic is the most beautiful thing that we ever set our eyes on. I mean just look at it! I have been using this on the inner corners, as well as on the brow bone and cheeks.

For the eyes I found myself reaching for the Too Faced Peach Palette. This palette is perfect for creating a natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look and to me looks like the ultimate Summer palette. All of the shades are easy to blend which makes it so simple to create a look without having to put in a lot of effort. For the brows I kept to my usual routine and used my favourite Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil. Brows are the one part of my makeup routine which I never change up. For now, this product works perfectly for me! For mascara I have loved using Perversion from Urban Decay. This makes such a change from my usual favourite They’re real, but it made my lashes look just as amazing.

So there are all my favourite products from my recent trip away. Like always, I took so much more makeup with me than I needed. If I had only realised that the small number of products mentioned above would do me fine!

What do you take away with you on holiday? Do you have any stand out products?

Until next time

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Beauty : What's in my holiday makeup bag 2017!

Whenever I'm packing for a trip away I always tell myself that 'this will be the year that I'll pack light'. Of course, me being me, this never happens and I usually pack even more than I did the year before! I am so excited to be going away again in the next couple of weeks to the sunny hot climate of Cyprus. This means that I will soon be packing up all of my favourite 'essentials' to use whilst I am away. My makeup bag is always the first thing that I tend to pack when organising myself for a trip. I hate the idea of being away and not having something that I know I have sat in my drawer at home. Although, I still haven't mastered the fact that I don't need everything and take far too much away with me anyway, but you never know right!?

I try to include a variety of products that I know will last me the whole two weeks, as well as bits that I know are perfect at multi tasking! Before I start with the makeup, I wanted to mention the cute little disney cosmetics bag I use to store all of my stuff. I got this in Primark last year and love that it is big enough to fit in everything, including my bigger eyeshadow palettes. Primark have some really pretty make up bags and are always the first place I hit when buying my holiday essentials. 
Packing my 'face' products is always the bit that I find the most difficult. When I am away on holiday, it is very rare that I will actually use any foundation. But, I always bring one with me that I know works with my skin and will be perfect if I need it. This year I decided on Mac studio fix fluid foundation and Rimmel Wake me up foundation. Both of these are big favourites of mine and they work well with sun kissed skin, which lets face it isn't a problem for me! I also like to include a primer, and have to bring my current This Works one as I know it truly does work! For concealer, I have decided to bring my Technic palette as well as my Maybelline erase eye. The Technic palette is perfect for any blemishes I may have over the holiday, including bug bites! To set my makeup I have to bring my Collection loose powder and Rimmel Stay Matte. I am also bringing my NYX matte setting spray as this works wonders in the heat! Finally I wanted to include my Mac limited edition 'Launch Away' blush, Sleek face form palette (highlighter shade) and Benefit Hoola bronzer. All of these are products I use everyday in my normal makeup routine so knew they would be coming away with me for the trip! 
I am so proud of myself for packing light with eye products this year. I have finally narrowed my eyeshadow palette top picks into two and I am pleased with my choices. I couldn't go on holiday without bringing the summery 'Too Faced Peach palette' which is full of gorgeous peachy and bronzed tones which are perfect for Cyprus. I also didn't want to leave out my favourite 'Tarte tease palette' which is probably my go to. I wanted to include a eyeshadow primer as well and decided that the 'Urban Decay potion primer' works the best for making sure that an eye look lasts. As a little extra, I decided to bring my 'Shadow Switch' which is my best friend when it comes to creating a fast eye look with a variety of colours. Also, being on holiday means that I won't have all of my normal makeup brush cleaning products and know this will be really useful. For mascara I have brought my two classics. 'Benefit They're Real' and 'Soap and Glory Thick and Fast'. Both of these mascara's give full lashes without giving a clumpy look. Moving onto brows! I knew that I wouldn't want to be without both of these products, so they were a no brainer! 'Benefit Goof Proof' brow pencil has been my eye brow product of choice since its release date. I love how subtle or heavy you can make your brows when using this! To set the brows I am taking 'Browcote' which applies by using a mascara style wand, it helps to keep any loose eyebrow hairs in place too. 
As you can see in the image above, it looks like I am taking only 5 lipstick options with me. I have since taking these blog photos changed my mind. I will still be bringing the 5 shown above, but I am also bringing some more coral/orange toned lipsticks too which I forgot to include. In my defence, lipstick is probably my most worn product when on holiday. If I don't fancy wearing makeup in the evenings, it's very easy to throw on a lipstick to make you feel dressed.  

So there we have it! Those are all of the makeup products that I will be taking away with me on my trip next week. I am sure I have forgotten something, and I know I will probably be throwing a few products into the case loosely as I panic pack the night before going! 

Let me know what you pack in your makeup bag! I can't be the only one packing for the 'maybes' right!? 

Until next time,