Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Blogmas Day 7 : £5 Gift Challenge

Christmas shopping is by far one of my favourite kinds of festive activities to do. However trying to find the perfect gift for somebody that is £5 or under is sometimes super tricky! I thought I would share some of my favourite finds that cost less than a fiver which would be perfect for last minute present extras or stuffing into Christmas stockings!

5 pound challenge

5 pound challenge

5 pound challenge

5 pound gift challenge

There are just some of my favourite finds on the internet at the moment! There are some great websites to use though if you are wanting to find an affordable gift. Debenhams for example has a great section of stocking fillers where you can find very random, but sometimes useful, little extras. 

Happy Christmas!



  1. Some great ideas, I'd never seen cocktail flavour lip balms before. These would be good for secret santa gifts <3
    Jodie xx

  2. Great list if ideas very helpful! I'm Also doing Blogmas at xx

  3. Loving your picks here, the Zoella one sounds great! And the keyring.... I love these for putting on my bags!!! Have quite a few already and I love them!

    Jordanne ||


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